Since 1920 we have been producing fine lamellar powders of copper, copper and aluminum alloys for an infinite number of applications

When our company was founded in 1920, alongside the then primary production of beaten sheets, that of fine lamellar powders was also born, created at the time to give use to the production scraps of the sheets.

Starting from there, this activity then became completely autonomous and independent and has developed up to the present day by supplying the market with metallic pigments for an infinite number of applications, from the graphic industry to that of the pigmentation of plastic materials, from the production of paints to that of decoration for objects, adding continuous variations to the bronze powders, also called gold powders, to those of copper and to those of aluminum.

Over the past few years we have also become the most creative manufacturer of metallic paints in an endless range of beautiful gold and silver paints and other innovative metallics.

At the request of some of our customers and following market trends, 6 years ago we started making the first metallic paints, immediately achieving great success.

We have constantly increased the range of colors not limiting ourselves to the traditional ones of our metallic powders but introducing new variants and new blends but always remaining within the sphere of metallic effects as is our tradition.

However, we are always ready to create special ones upon your request.

With the aim of never stopping this year we have presented a new line of metallic waxes of excellent quality and unique variety of colors

In the continuous search for new products two years ago we began to develop a line of metallic waxes. Using only natural waxes with a very small amount of solvent to increase their viscosity, we have created a line of excellent products that we are presenting today in two packs, 50 and 200 ML and in an important variety of colours.

Our Products for an Excellent Quality Gilding