An ancient gilding and restoration technique that we have revived and developed in a vast range of chromatic effects

In the continuous development of new products derived from our powders, during 2022 we developed a new line of metallic natural waxes that we began to offer to the market starting from September 2022.

Natural waxes with only a very small percentage of solvent to make them softer. Offered in the same range of colors as the paints and in two packs, one of 50 ml. and one of 200 ml.

The available colors are:

  • Pallido
  • Riccopallido
  • Ricco
  • Riccopallido Chiaro
  • Luminor colore 2

  • Ducato
  • Zecchino
  • Rame
  • Gold Lemon
  • English Green
  • Fire red
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • CS45 aluminum
  • PP770 aluminum
  • Rosa
  • Champagne
  • Bronze
  • Dark bronze
  • Ancient Bronze
  • Gunmetal
  • Black


Our highly concentrated gilding paste consists of pure metallic pigments and high-quality waxes. Thanks to its excellent formulation, the color adheres flawlessly to a variety of supports, including wood, plaster, stone, metal and other materials. This allows you to obtain gildings that maintain their original beauty over time, without oxidation or darkening.
Our gilding paste is an ideal product both for the restoration of works of art and for the decoration of entire surfaces. Its application is extremely simple and can be done with your fingers, a cotton cloth or a brush. After application, simply let it dry for at least 24 hours.
If you want to further customize your work, the gilding paste can be diluted with turpentine to create special effects or more complex work. Once the paste has dried completely, you can increase its shine by buffing it with a soft cloth.
We offer a wide range of colors to meet your creative needs, including silver, tin, brass, rich gold, pale gold, classic gold, Florentine gold, antique gold and copper.
Applying gilding paste is a simple and flexible process. You can apply it directly with your fingers or with a soft cloth on the desired surface to obtain a golden finish with a fascinating metallic look. For more complex work, the paste can be diluted with turpentine essence and applied with a brush. After a drying period of at least 24 hours, the surface can be polished with a soft cloth to achieve a greater luminous effect.
Le paste per la doratura possono essere acquistate sul sito di Angeletti Gold.
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