A new range of metallic paints made with our powders to give you a unique and innovative range of colours

A few years ago, at the request of our customers who no longer wanted to have dust in their workplaces, we decided to develop a series of metallic paints.

The idea also seemed interesting to us because we, unlike all normal paint manufacturers, could have brought into the final product our unique knowledge of lamellar metal powders and what with these particular pigments, variations of powders of gold and aluminum, it might or might not have been done.

As a result, we have created a unique range of gold shades and innovative colors that no other paint manufacturer can match.

Our metallic paints therefore cover a vast range of shades of gold even with shades never seen on the market, offering you a unique creative possibility.

Not being satisfied with the success of these golden color variants, we began to look for new, more creative effects, and, having glimpsed the possibility of adjusting the colors according to the requests of our customers, six other variants were born which we now offer in the catalogue.

But we are always ready to discuss new possible developments with you.

We can offer two types of synthetic metallic paints, one single-component and one catalyzed two-component, and for both of these bases we have created all the 15 color variants that we already proposed in the powder line, plus the six new specials.

The one-component varnish, which is the easiest to use standard product, is available in packs from 125 grams to 20 kg.

The two-component catalysed varnish, much more resistant also to rubbing, only in packs of 1 and 5 and 20 kg.


  • Pale
  • Pale rich
  • Rich
  • Rich Pale Light
  • Brightened color 2
  • Duchy
  • Sequin
  • Copper
  • Gold Lemon
  • English Green
  • Fire red
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • CS45 aluminum
  • PP770 aluminum
  • Rosa
  • Champagne
  • Bronze
  • Dark bronze
  • Ancient Bronze
  • Gunmetal

In addition to these colors we are ready to try to make others on your sample

If you are interested in this line of products, whether you are a paint factory or an industry, call us, we will explain in detail what we do and organize a visit to show you the applied paints

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