Bronze and aluminum lamellar powders in a wide range of metallic pigments in shades and finenesses suitable for all applications

Lamellar powders are powders similar to a Corn Flake and therefore with a relatively large side (we are talking about microns anyway) and an extremely thin one. This particular shape allows the powder to float and orient itself so as to turn its wider face upwards and therefore reflect the light more effectively.

We have a wide range of metal powders and pastes of this type, copper, copper alloys and aluminum for various applications. In most cases these products are only available in the original 25 kg packaging.


We have also developed a line of powders that we sell both in 25kg drums and in smaller packs starting at 12.5g. This line of products particularly suitable for decoration are normally always available in stock

Type/color    micron
Luminor 2350 Riccopalllido 16
Luminor 2350 Rich 16
Luminor 2350 Pale 16
Reflex 1130/N Richpale (Light) 42
Luminor 2280-03 Richpale (Colour 2) 20
Luminor 2250-01 Copper 35
Luminor 2250-01 Ducat  35
Luminor 2250-03 Zecchino 35
Luminor 2580-01 Lemon  20
Luminor 2580-01 English Green  20
Luminor 2580-01 Fire Red  20
Luminor 2580-01 Brown 20
Luminor 2580-01 Syringa (Purple) 20
Aluminum PP770 16
CS45 45 aluminum 45
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