The thin imitation gold and silver leaves we produce will allow you to find the most suitable beaten leaves for your price and quality needs

Since 1920, our family has been the protagonist of the industrialization of the production of thin sheets of imitation gold and silver.

Starting from a craft activity in which the imitation gold sheets were beaten with mallets under which the shapes of the sheets were moved by hand and the beaten sheets were then recovered by hand, passing through the first cam hammers to arrive at computerized movements and the counting mechanical, everything passed through our company and our laboratories.

As you can see in the descriptions that follow, our imitation gold sheets, in the color variants 1, 2 , 2.1/2 and 3 , imitation silver and copper, are packaged in boxes of 10,000 (gold and copper) and 5,000 sheets ( silver), in booklets of 25 sheets, in reels of 50 and 100 meters and in bulk (schabin) and are produced in a range of different types in order to cover all your quality and price needs

The color variants start from pure copper sheets, also called color 0, and then move on to alloys with an increasing quantity of zinc (the higher the number, the higher the quantity of zinc) in which the gold color becomes more and more yellow.


Boxes of 10,000 metal sheets or 5,000 aluminum sheets measuring 16×16 cm. they are the most classic of the packaging of these products.

We produce them in different weights and qualities, in copper, 1, 2, 2.1/2, 3 and aluminum colors.


The booklets are the most convenient packaging to use as the metal sheet is sandwiched between two sheets of tissue paper.

Our booklets are made up of 25 sheets in the size 14×14 cm. in the colors copper , 2, 2.1/2 , aluminium.


The variegates are hot oxidized sheets in order to obtain special effects.

We produce a series in the red, green and blue variants which we package in booklets of 25 sheets in the 14×14 cm size.

We also produce a range of 8 different oxidations in a particular series of size 16×16 which we sell superimposed or on request also in 25 meter long reels.


Sheets packaged in 156 mm wide rolls and in lengths of 50 , 75 , 100 and 150 meters in the colors copper , 2 , 2.1/2 , aluminium. Also available cut into smaller rolls as per your need starting from 15 mm


Loose leaflets in packs of 250 gr. , 1 kg. or 5kg. in the colors copper , 2 and 2.1/2 and in packs of 100 gr. or 1 kg. in aluminium

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