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Paolo Angeletti Gold Srl develops and continues a family tradition that began way back in 1920 by offering the best services in its field. We never settle for second place and always consider customer satisfaction as our top priority. It is who we are, and we are proud of it.

There are no challenges that are too easy or difficult and we put all our energies into all the projects we deal with. Each client is unique. That’s why we tailor our strategies to your needs. Whether it’s a short or more demanding intervention, we will listen to your requests to prepare a personalized action plan.

In this site you will find a description of what we can offer you, but we would be happy to give you more information if you wish to contact us.


Gilding Catalog

Imitation gold and silver

Manufacturer of imitation gold leaf and imitation silver since 1920

Fine gold and silver

Thin sheets of real gold and silver, totally produced in Italy

Gilding accessories

Everything you need for get a browning of excellent quality

Powders Paints Waxes

Metallic pigments

Since 1920 we have been producing fine lamellar powders of copper, copper and aluminum alloys for an infinite number of applications

Metallic paints

The most creative manufacturer of metallic paints in an endless range of beautiful paints

Metallic waxes

We produce excellent quality metallic waxes in a unique variety of colors using only natural waxes

Edible Gold

Food Gold and Silver

Flakes, petals and sheets of edible gold to make more elegant and precious your food and drinks your drinks

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