All our materials for gilding that you will need to obtain an excellent quality gilding

We have a wide range of gilding accessory products both for surface preparation and for the application and protection of the leaves, such as missions, natural and dewaxed shellac, boluses and much more. And besides, we are always looking for new ideas…..


From our traditional Wunda Size water-based glue, an American product that we have imported since the first post-war period, to the alcohol-based method suitable for gilding non-porous surfaces, especially wrought iron, to the innovative Nitro method, we are always looking for new solutions to meet the demands of our customers


Natural and dewaxed shellac of the best quality, in flakes and alcoholic solutions, carefully prepared by us and offered in 125 ml packs. up to 5 litres.


Knives, cushions, rabbit glue, bolus, bitumen, everything you need to make high quality gilding


Bombasini, ovalini and penellesse, in various natural and synthetic materials for the most varied uses, all produced in Italy and Germany

Our Products for an Excellent Quality Gilding