Since 1920, our family has been the protagonist of the industrialization of the production of thin sheets of imitation gold and silver.

Starting from a craft activity in which the imitation gold sheets were beaten with mallets under which the shapes of the sheets were moved by hand and the beaten sheets were then recovered by hand, passing through the first cam hammers to arrive at computerized movements and the counting mechanical, everything passed through our company and our laboratories.

The stamped sheets, which were initially packaged only in imitation gold and silver booklets, then became the boxes of 10,000 or 5,000 sheets that we sell today, and the reels initially 25 meters long reached up to 400 meters in the moment of maximum splendor of the Italian frame industry.

We have been producing real silver leaf since 1920 and real gold since 1980. We pack silver in booklets and coils or in bulk, gold only in booklets in different carats and in different thicknesses

We have a wide range of ancillary products for gilding both for surface preparation and for the application and protection of the leaves, such as missions, natural and dewaxed shellac, boluses and much more. And besides, we are always looking for new ideas…..

Our Products for an Excellent Quality Gilding