Brushes handmade in Italy.

Extremely soft, with a particular and recognizable shape, with a short rounded handle and natural fibers tied by hand and held by a tubular rubber with brass or copper wire binding that acts as a ferrule. The round tip, with a wide and full base, holds large quantities of water due to the fullness of the tank and its softness allows you to give precise brushstrokes without streaks.

The absence of metal in the ferrule and its lightness, associated with the peculiarity of retaining water, make it almost indispensable for all “light” techniques: ceramic decoration, watercolor and gouache on the bole in gilding.

Very precious brush, generally it is made of pure squirrel tail hair, a particular Siberian squirrel: very soft and elastic.


Wide range of flat brushes made in Italy made with different filaments, handles and ferrules, which determine the quality and final performance of the instrument.


Made in Italy.

For professional and DIY use, the Oval Brush is ideal for corners, moldings and trim, dabbing and chalk paint applications.

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