Knives, cushions, rabbit glue, bolus, bitumen, everything you need to make high quality gilding


Dense dark brown liquid used to create aging patinas on any decorated surface mainly gilding.

It can be diluted to obtain the desired color intensity.


Also known as Lapin glue, rabbit glue is a glue of animal origin derived from suitably treated waste. It comes in the form of grains and is used in the production of numerous products for gilding.


It is obtained from the swim bladder of some species of fish such as sturgeons and similar. Unlike other glues, it does not increase its volume much. It is mainly used to adhere the gold leaf to the bolus.


The Lefranc gilding bole comes in the form of a very finely ground clay paste. This formula ensures a superior and very high quality product. The Lefranc bolus does not contain adhesives, it is therefore necessary to add rabbit glue before application.


Used in gilding for the preparation of the base on which to apply the gold leaf and in high quality decorations for the preparation of stuccos to be used on various occasions.


Specific cushion for gilder, made of very soft leather. It allows the gold leaf to be deposited and worked on before applying it to the object to be decorated.


Steel knife, specific for gilder. It is an indispensable tool for cutting the gold leaf into the most appropriate dimensions for the decoration.


Burners in agate stone with brass ferrule and varnished wooden handle. Available with tips of various shapes and sizes, they are a professional tool for polishing and compressing gold once the underlying bolus has dried.

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